Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Positive Change

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Positive Change

Many people fail to realize how powerful it is to use hypnosis for weight loss.   That by using hypnosis you can actually change the way you think and feel.

Do you think that you can actually change your life in this way?

If you even are just a little bit open to considering this possibility you can change your life forever.

Here is the first step you can take to make this possible.

1.  First, just be open to this idea that you can change your habits by first becoming aware of how they control you

2. Second, watch how you think, speak and react to situations and people and you will discover how these old habit patterns actively and significantly control your life

This very awareness is the first step in positively changing your life forever.

Perhaps you find that staying at your healthy weight is a challenge.  Using the steps above, you come to realize how you are constantly thinking and talking about food which leads to snacking or overeating.  Then watch when such thoughts arise and focus your thoughts upon something else.  It’s that simple in the beginning.  Just change what you are thinking about.  Try it.  Think about something else.  In the beginning it might seem silly or even difficult, but keep at it.  You begin to transform your once overwhelming desire for instant gratification, even if these initial changes are minor or short-lived. With this initial success, you are now ready to explore deeper, more successful tools for change.

This is where hypnosis is powerful.  Whether you choose to focus upon weight loss, stop smoking, releasing anxiety or some other issue hypnosis anchors into your subconscious mind your new desires for controlling your eating habits.  Like focusing sunlight through a magnifying glass, hypnosis focuses your energy upon what you healthily think about instead.

When we use hypnosis for weight loss your desire to eat better grows stronger and you significantly improve your life. Hypnosis helps you to focus upon what you want and naturally avoid thinking and saying what you don’t want.

Here’s why it’s so useful to not say or think what you don’t want.

When you mistakenly focus upon what you don’t want, such as not wanting to eat sugar or that you don’t want to binge or not wanting to snack on candy or cookies, guess what your subconscious mind thinks about? It thinks about what you told it not to think about.  It thinks sugar, binging, candy and cookies.

Why is this? Because it focuses upon the image and doesn’t pay attention to words such as not, don’t, shouldn’t or similar words.

Try this.  Don’t think about a zebra. And whatever you don’t think about a pink zebra. And make sure that you don’t think about a dancing pink zebra.

You get the picture – literally.

Your subconscious mind goes right to the image and ignores the word “don’t” in those sentences.  You say an animal and it thinks about it.  And when you say you don’t want chips, soda and sweets, it thinks chips, soda and sweets. When you say you don’t want to lose control, to feel overwhelmed, to feel bad about yourself, it thinks of losing control, feeling overwhelmed and feeling bad about yourself.  In order to change your habits, first change your thoughts and words.

Tell yourself that now you desire healthier foods, you enjoy exercise, you feel better every day. Now you desire to eat better, to drink water and to choose healthy portions. Saying this out loud or silently to yourself has positive benefits, but unless a part of your subconscious mind agrees with your statement, it has limited power.  That’s why we use hypnosis, which anchors these new, positive beliefs into your subconscious mind.  It that hypnosis state you create a desire to eat better, to drink more water and to exercise. Since hypnosis directly accesses your subconscious mind, you control what you wish to think and feel, what you want to achieve.

Focus upon what it is you do want, and avoid thinking or saying what you don’t want. Use hypnosis to significantly improve your willpower so that what you consciously desire is supported by a deeper, positive belief within your subconscious mind.  Improve your ability to change your eating habits, to lose the weight of the past and to achieve your weight loss and other goals.

I invite you to learn more about how to regain control of your life using hypnosis. Get the free Mini-Course “7 Powerful Secrets of  Your Mind to Change Your Life Today” here at http://GreenwoodHypnotherapy.com You can also listen to a portion of a weight loss audio session.  You might know how to lose weight by dieting, but it is far more important to use hypnosis to learn how to keep it off permanently.

David Greenwood, MS Counseling Psychology, CH Certified Hypnotherapist, CPS Certified Professional Life Coach. David has over 15 years of experience helping clients overcome their critical inner voice and releasing old habits using hypnosis. He has personally worked with over a thousand clients using counseling, hypnosis and coaching.