Hypnosis and December

What Does Hypnosis Have In Common With December?

Hypnosis and December

What similarity does hypnosis have with December?  Both come at the end of a specific event.  December, obviously, comes at the end of the year, although much of the world once started the year in what we now know as the month of March, or the beginning of Spring.  The word “December” comes from Decem, or 10, for it was once the tenth month, but in Roman times two more months were added in the winter which pushed December back two months until now it is number 12.  It’s also interesting that after the reign of the Roman rulers Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar, two of the summer months were renamed to… can you guess?… July and August.

Incidentally, the name “twelve” in old English means twalif or two left over when 10 numbers are taken away.  It is, of course, the last of what we call (ready for this?) the largest single-morphene number, since all the rest of our number are combos (thirteen, fourteen, twenty-one, etc).

Okay, just a quick digression there.  I learn something new every time I write a newsletter!  Which brings me to the fact that hypnosis also comes at the end of a specific event, in this case the end of your searching for a successful process of change. It is rare to have a client come in for hypnosis at the beginning of an issue.  Hypnosis is mostly a last resort after trying everything else.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that I am someones last hope.

Why is that?  Probably it’s because hypnosis is still relatively an unknown process. Like the truth about December, hypnosis is often misunderstood. It’s a relatively new form of therapy.  Also, because of the association with stage shows, it has the flavor of being entertainment or a trick of some sort.  My hope is that all of you that have experienced hypnosis become, in some small way, an informed spokesperson for what it is and what it isn’t.  I do hope that you share with your friends and family the benefits of learning how to use your mind in a more disciplined and focused way.  And like many other wonderful things, the benefits of hypnosis mature and grow with time, creating positive changes in our lives.

We need significant changes in this world and the more empowered we become, the more we learn how to rise above old conditioned behaviors, the better we will all be.  Please don’t hesitate to share with others how positive changes can occur through focused, constant attention upon what it is you healthily do desire. We can change the world using what Plato, Socrates and other ancient philosophers once professed as the way to ultimate fulfillment: Know Thyself.

In 1651, Thomas Hobbes, the English philospher, professed that only by knowing oneself could one gain insight into others.  He stated, “whosoever looketh into himself and considereth what he doth when he does think, opine, reason, hope, fear, etc., and upon what grounds; he shall thereby read and know what are the thoughts and passions of all other men upon the like occasions.”

Although it is found inscribed on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, I’m sure that even the Romans who recreated our calendar would have agreed with the wisdom of “Know Thyself“.


Holiday Illusions

Here’s a great illusion.  I have placed both side by side to help out those of you who are a bit tired from too much partying.  Kind of creepy, actually.


New Hours

Starting in December I am now available for both Hypnosis and Coaching sessions on weekdays from Monday through Thursday and Saturday and Sunday.  I am off on Friday.  Even though I am still in the same building on Iron Point Road, the office is larger and more comfortably accommodates couples and families who come in for free consultations.


Holiday Pounds

As Christmas and New Years Eve approaches, remember to eat and drink responsibly.  It is okay to try new things and overindulge a bit, just try not to let that continue for more than a day or so.  Studies show that most people gain about 3 pounds over the holidays and just keep adding to that every year.  The pounds creep on subtly sometimes.  January is a good time to start again (how January got it’s name is another great story that I will leave for next year’s future newsletter.



Need a stocking stuffer?  I still have a few pillow speakers ($20) for those not wanting to fall asleep with headphones on.  Also, we offer many Hypnosis CDs ($15) and MP3s ($10) for that holiday gift.  I have a long list of CDs and MP3s available, so drop me a note if you’re interested. We also offer Christmas Gift Certificates as well.


Also, my good friend’s fantastic now book, Your Soul Mate’s Ready, Are You? is a great gift as well.  The Companion Hypnosis Sessions to the book are dynamite as well.  I’ll send you more information next week on this.  Here’s a preview of the audio hypnosis package available as both CDs or MP3s.



Don’t forget to take advantage of my free half hour coaching session.  It’s a great way to get started on your New Year’s Resolutions in advance.  So far my coaching clients have included weight loss, anxiety, relationship issues, self confidence, career changes and more.  Half have been done completely by phone, while the other half prefer to come into the office.  I record our session for you to review at home and create a Positive Vision Audio for you as well.  You can learn more at http://www.LifeCoachSacramentoNow.com
Enjoy these First Days of December!

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