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Our Bellevue Transformational Programs offer three levels of support to help you achieve your goals

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Premium Program 1 - Take Control of Your Life

In this program you create a healthier subconscious mind to achieve your goals.  Whether it's feeling better, being healthier, having more energy, coming alive, finding a more centered and peaceful life, this module is the foundation of creating a healthy self.

Premium Program 2 - Enjoy Emotional Freedom

In this program you build upon feeling more in control to resolve older, deeper issues that still affect your daily life. Whether it's resistance to healthy relationships, self confidence about success, or healing wounded inner parts, this module releases deeper concerns so that you continue to create a life of healthy emotional maturity.

Premium Program 3 - Spiritual Awakening in the NOW

In this program you explore the benefits of living life in the NOW.  How it affects your spiritual perspective and leads to a quiet, contemplative mind from which you take charge of your life.  Like the eye of a storm, you are calm, centered and peaceful.  When you need to respond you do so, appropriately and confidently.  This module also connects you with your own Authentic Self, giving you the ability to move through life from a whole new perspective.


Which issues are causing you the most problem?

  • Emotional Issues
  • Spiritual Disconnection
  • Weight Loss
  • Anxieties
  • Relationships
  • Self Improvement


Essentials of the Individual Programs

Our exclusive, personalized Programs provide you with the essential tools to realize your ultimate dreams

  • Fifty-minute Hypnosis and Coaching Sessions to achieve your goals
  • Each session includes a CD/mp3 Audio Recording of your session for your at-home useage
  • Motivational Audio CDs/mp3s that allow you to reinforce your success on daily basis
  • One-half-hour Phone Sessions for support
  • Pre-recorded Videos to keep you on-tract and eliminate self sabotage
  • Pre-recorded Audios for support and motivation
  • Weekly Email updates and ongoing assistance
  • Assorted Websites, Articles, Books and Exercises for continual encouragement
  • One-on-one focused support by Phone
  • Advanced processes for inner growth and as needed
  • Journaling and Dialoguing with your inner parts
  • Learning Tapping to reinforce your program
  • Specific techniques for individual programs for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Relationships, Self Improvement and others
  • And more...


Each Program may take as little as 2 months and up to 4 months to complete.  You are in charge of how fast you complete your program.




During your free Personal Transformation Consultation we will review your needs and the three programs to determine which will best help you to achieve your goals.

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