Hypnosis for Test Taking Anxiety

Passing Exams Using Bellevue Hypnosis Sessions?


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“Hypnosis can help you to successfully take tests.”

Hypnosis anchors in your confident, positive state of mind that is necessary for passing the tests.


Intrigued? Which of these sounds familiar…
  • “I’m tired of the anxiety that comes up when I take tests…”
  • “I have trouble focusing when I take tests…”
  • “I start worrying about the outcome when I take tests…”
  • “I am so ready to get over my fears and pass my test”

If these and other questions derail you when you think about taking tests, why not learn how hypnosis can help you to turn it all around and become successful?  Give yourself the opportunity to move on with your life and release the fears?

Are you ready to be more focused while you study?

I know that test taking self-confidence naturally occurs when your subconscious mind focuses on relaxation, optimism and a positive state of mind.

There are many hypnosis programs that offer you positive suggestions for self confidence, but our program is more advanced and complete because it also focuses upon:

1. Training your mind to naturally become more positive during the exam
2. Resolving the worries of the past
3. Focusing upon a more positive state of mind
4. Naturally releasing old behaviors and overcoming self sabotage
5. Creating a successful, positive result

The program also contains specific support to:

  • Keep you self-motivated and focused upon your goals
  • Overcome your critical inner voice that believes you will fail
  • Practice positive test taking in advance of your exam
  • Experience yourself in a successful future


Why not use hypnosis to …

  • improve your concentration and focus during testing?
  • increase your self confidence and self assurance?
  • support your ability to successfully pass the test?
  • enjoy being amazingly focused during the test?

…or do you just want to feel better about yourself?