Hypnosis for Mens Sexuality

How Are Hypnosis Sessions for Mens Sexuality Unique?

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The subtle and sometimes obvious differences between men's and women's sexuality often require different approaches when it comes to using hypnosis for personal growth.


After working with both men and women over the last 15 years I would estimate that roughly 20% of the men who come to see me are as emotionally present as women.  The other 80% were just like me, unaware of how their emotional nature held the key for resolving their emotional conflict of the past.  We simply didn't know what we didn't know.  I remember feeling frustrated and concerned about my inability to overcome old habits and fears that I knew were caused by my past experiences. 

I learned that the programming and culture that I was raised in did not support boys resolving emotional issues. Instead we were taught that big boys don't cry, to get over it, guts it up, don't show your feelings, and other avoidance techniques.  And while certainly being able to move forward and not letting things stop us is an admirable trait, avoidance without realizing the cost of suppression is a bad idea.

How are we unique?

Look. I know you have several other choices when selecting a hypnotherapist.  Many of my colleagues are very good at what they do.  What I offer you is a male's perspective who has been through it all.  I know what you are going through because I have addressed the issues that once held me back.  And with my degree in Counseling Psychology I offer you both a wide variety of techniques combined with a broader perspective on your issues.  Come in and talk and we can discuss more at length.

Hypnosis sessions available for you now in both my Bellevue office.

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Hypnosis for Men's Sexuality
Hi David,
Just wanted to report that we successfully consummated our union on Wednesday night. I took your advice and just enjoyed the experience rather than worry about the outcome. I have to believe that my sessions with you were a big factor. Thanks! 
Hi David,
Had another successful sexual encounter last night. The most important result of our sessions was not worrying about how things are going to work out, just enjoying the moment. And that has been a complete success! Thanks for your help and I won't hesitate to avail myself or your services in the future if needed.
So, how does all this affect your ability to use hypnosis and resolve your sexual issue?
  • resistance to old issues creates a perpetual series of events that trigger these issues
  • past programming reacts by stuffing these feelings by avoidance
  • avoidance/distractions cause us to escape with sex, food, alcohol, smoking, drugs or other forms of medication
  • other distractions include exercise, gambling, and anxiety
And how can hypnosis help with your sexuality?

Hypnosis addresses your desire to build a strong, confident, positive belief in yourself and your ability to move forward.  To no longer need to resist old issues by distraction, but instead realize you do have the ability to move beyond what once held you back.  To expect success.  To realize that it truly is just a matter of time before you create the life you wish to live, by allowing your true, real empowered self to emerge.  By filling your subconscious mind with positive behaviors and thoughts that actually reflect your true nature, you allow for a part of you to emerge more powerful, confident and successful, unafraid of any old programming that once held you back. 

From this new empowered place, you realize that your emotions aren't the problem at all, that it was the negative beliefs you established about yourself as as result of this programming that is causing all the problems. Emotions are just inner senses designed to help you understand what is going on within you.  They aren't the problem, they are merely the messenger.  Once you realize that, everything changes for the better. 

What you want to do is feel lighter, healthier, free of the conditioning of the past, able to experience life in a new way.  You want to say different things, respond rather than react to life's challenges, feel and think in a calmer, more rational manner.  To heal the emotional trauma of the past and no longer be ruled by it.  To be more in touch with your emotions and express them as appropriate, but to do so from a more balanced, quieter mind that resides in the present moment, not lost in past worries and concerns.

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How does living in the present moment help you feel better now?

Men seem to have a particularly difficult challenge being in the present moment. 

  • Our minds are filled with endless worry and concern
  • We find it difficult to live in the Now
  • Too often we project our fears into the future

Imagine being calm and having a quiet mind.  Of course, when you need to think and plan you do so, but your default is this expansive, peaceful place within, like the eye of the storm, where you respond to life rather than react to situation based upon old, negatives patterns of behavior. 

We were programmed by those old behaviors to:

  • Survive
  • Overcome fears
  • No let emotions control us

In the absence of having a care giver emotionally help you process your fears and feelings, that was the only approach open to you.  And thus you continue to perpetuate a life of denial, avoidance and resistance. 

So now we release the past and move on, realizing we were simply in survival mode and did the best that we could.  We forgive it, let it go and move on.

This is what we address with hypnosis.  Everyone is unique and has their own set of issues, but the goal is to:

  • live more and more in the present moment
  • respond to life in an entirely new way
  • release feeling like others control you

That's right.  Others control you when you default energetically to their will. They are in charge, and you feel helpless and might even feel worthless.  All this happens when we were young and were victims, to a great degree.  You were not always able to be the master of your fate, didn't even realize how devastating the events of your life could be upon your very emotional nature. 

What you experienced created your Inner Core Beliefs which became the blueprint of your adult life.  This blueprint always has flaws, fears, and concerns that often dis-empower you in some way.  And as you begin to live more and more in the present moment, those old ways of being fade away into the past.  By no longer energizing them, they lose their hold on your subconscious mind and your life positively changes for the better.

Is hypnosis for men different in other ways?

Again, based upon my own experience men come in to stop smoking more often than women, but we use a very similar approach to help you to once again become a non-smoker. The same can be said for weight loss, sports performance and overcoming phobias like public speaking, flying, biting or picking at fingernails, and others. 

Hypnosis for men and women becomes very different when dealing with sexual issues.  The two major areas of performance anxiety in men during sexual intimacy includes erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Pornography is also a huge issue for men.

In this arena we offer a specific approach that first focuses upon creating a more positive belief within and then bringing you naturally into the present moment

hypnosis for sexual issues

Sexual Issues Affecting Men

Bellevue Hypnosis sessions help you to resolve erectile dysfunction

Do you need support in resolving the debilitating issue of erectile dysfunction? Do you want to maintain a healthy erection during sex?

Our program is designed to address the negative sexual behaviors of the past so that you naturally enjoy healthy sexuality.  Because your old, negative subconscious mind controls how you respond in the present day, it will also sabotage your efforts to experience sexual fulfillment.

Our process of releasing the fear of erectile dysfunction is designed to address all this.  It will focus upon how to naturally shift your mind toward a more positive outlook about yourself and your abilities.  Upon the joy of healthy intimacy. When you are ready to naturally move beyond the fear and frustration of erectile dysfunction, consider hypnosis as a powerful tool for success.

Create a new chapter filled with the joy and happiness, by changing your mind about healthy sexuality. When you create a positive, healthy state of mind, everything is possible.  This new and better chapter of your life is possible for you now.

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Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety underlies most non-medical sexual issues.  The worry over past issues and failures to perform get projected into the future and disrupt your natural, healthy ability to experience sexual intimacy.  Your subconscious mind focuses upon these past moments and memories and brings them to your attention right when you need that the least.  Of course you consciously want to simply experience a fulfilling, joyous sexual experience, and left alone that is exactly what you would experience.   

With hypnosis we simply have your subconscious mind focus instead upon the present moment.  On the way your lover..

  • looks
  • sounds
  • smells
  • tastes
  • feels

...and all the other sensory input that is present in the Now.  Once you stay in the Now, the present Moment, you experience what your mind and body naturally can and want to do - enjoy sex once again.

Instead of having your old, negatively programmed subconscious mind telling you what might happen, hypnosis helps you to be and experience what it is you do want to happen.  As your subconscious mind fills with healthy expectations and experiences, the old concerns and fears fade away.  You forget about worrying by forgetting to remember it.  

So consider using hypnosis to anchor into your mind a new way of experiencing sexual connection.  To enjoy what it is you do want, what it is you healthily deserve, and maintain a healthy erection during sex.   Be that healthy, happy individual who is able to enjoy sexual intimacy in the present moment.


The issue of becoming obsessed with pornography is another that I commonly address with hypnosis.  This issue also has its roots in the past and is heavily influenced by old programming that creates a lack of self confidence and self worth within the developing person.  This lack of self esteem creates an inner core belief that includes the idea that you do not deserve love and intimacy, that there is something wrong with you, that life doesn't work for you, or one of a hundred other similar beliefs.  The unfortunately result is that you as the adult have subconscious beliefs and behaviors that resist having love, affection and intimacy.  It just doesn't fit for you, doesn't feel comfortable for you. 

So when it arises you avoid it, isolating yourself from human interaction, from the dangerous feelings that get triggered like loss, inadequacy or failure.  So you end up seeking pleasure in a fantasy world where you retain complete control, by masturbating without emotional connection, where it is purely a physical sensation devoid of emotional fears and concerns.  With hypnosis we focus on helping you to create a new sense of self worth and self esteem, and when you create this new foundation you begin to realize that you do deserve to be happy, to enjoy a healthy sexual connection.  Then with a series of exercises and healthy inner change you begin to see and experience life in a new way. 

Bellevue Hypnosis for Premature Ejaculation is a powerful tool to help you resolve your sexual issue.


Ready to regain your ability to enjoy healthy sexuality?

Premature ejaculation is defined as when a man ejaculates during sexual intercourse sooner than he had planned. It is a common complaint with as many as 1 out of 3 men experience this issue.  If it is an infrequent occurrence, there is no need for concern. 

The diagnostic criteria for premature ejaculation is that you:

  • Frequently ejaculate within one minute of vaginal penetration
  • Frequently fail to delay ejaculation during intercourse
  • Frequently avoid sexual intimacy out of fear of failure


While many men are embarrassed to talk about premature ejaculation, it is important for you to realize that this is a treatable condition.  Hypnosis helps you to focus upon releasing old patterns of behavior that once forced you to focus upon failure.  By retraining your mind to focus upon the sensations experienced with healthy sexuality, it becomes natural to delay ejaculation and to improve sex for you and your partner.

Hypnosis for Success

I think you are getting a good understanding of some of the differences that men and women have when it comes to hypnosis.  Basically our goal is to first create a healthy new you, who is aware of the benefits of being an emotive individual yet keeping that healthy balance between intellect and feelings.  From this solid foundation we move forward with the goal of changing behaviors, attitudes and expectations.  Then we focus more upon the individual aspects of your concern, which are really symptoms of the deeper issues.  Once you resolve much of the underlying issue of self confidence and self esteem, the symptoms of male sexuality can be healthily and permanently resolved.

hypnosis for success

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