Hypnosis for Men’s Divorce

Hypnosis for Mens Divorce

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Use Bellevue Hypnosis Sessions to Move Beyond Divorce

You have been through a time in your life that has left you altered in a negative way.  One that has created both mental and emotional scars as well as a greater degree of stress and confusion.  You might also be experiencing a sense of loss, depression and anxiety.  Certainly you are fighting feelings of doubt or anger.

This experience creates personal and business issues that will last months if not dealt with properly.  It can create emotional walls with your children, if there are any, and affect how you relate to friends, family and even strangers.  The first thing to realize is that this time of your life will make life feel unreal or unnatural.  This is an entirely normal reaction to this sort of trauma.  Take some consolation in the fact that you won’t feel like yourself for awhile.  You might doubt everything about what you had in your relationship and what had been real.

Understand that now isn’t the right time to try and rationally address these issues.  That will come later.  But for now you want to begin to move away from old, negative patterns of doubt and unworthiness that might lie within your subconscious mind.  This is what causes you to beat yourself up or sabotages your efforts to process the feelings and move on.

In order to help minimize the emotional scars and trauma of this negative programming, we have created a hypnosis process that address both your current day situation and old, negative behaviors that reside within your subconscious mind.  We want you to move through this period as efficiently, cleanly and healthily as possible.

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As old negative programming in your subconscious mind is triggered, it is only natural to be filled with doubt and fear.

The hypnosis process we created addresses all this by helping you to create a new way of thinking; helping you focus upon a new and better life.   It also helps you to release old wounds that once stood in your way of having a better relationship, to make sure that you never have to go through this again.

Yes, it is painful but yes, you will move through this.  Hypnosis helps you to move through it more rapidly and, just as importantly, lay the foundation for a healthier, happier future in which you do fulfill your dreams.

Hypnosis helps you anchor into your subconscious mind that way you want to look and feel.  Give yourself the opportunity to successfully create this brand new and better chapter of your life here and now.

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