Hypnosis for Bed Wetting

Hypnosis for Bed Wetting

Hypnosis for Childrens Fears

Bellevue Hypnosis sessions are designed to help your child end wetting the bed

This program is for your children to help them release anxiety.

I have spent the last 18 years developing an approach that offers positive suggestions to help your child.  It is essential to bring about transformation in your children's subconscious beliefs about themselves and their abilities.

The goal is to overcome the negative behaviors of the past so that they naturally feel better. To help them forget about the old fears and worries by forgetting to remember them. Since their old, negative subconscious mind controls their habits of behavior, it will hold onto the old habit of bed wetting.  It just doesn't know another way of being yet.

Imagine them naturally developing their minds and waking up when they need to go to the bathroom.  To once again feel the joy of childhood and release the shame and concern caused by bed wetting.

The hypnosis sessions support a subconscious mind filled with positive beliefs and healthy behaviors.


During the hypnosis sessions we gently guide your child on a journey to find and connect with their inner hero, with a character that will help them awaken and guide them to the bathroom.  With this and other techniques we focus your child onto the behavior you want them to have.  On awakening naturally and easily, feeling safe and comfortable going to the bathroom, feeling good about themselves, then falling asleep calmly once again.

Hypnosis sessions are now available for your children in my Bellevue office.  Please select the Free Consultation link below if you wish to come in for a free half hour consultation to learn more.

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