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Hypnosis and December

What Does Hypnosis Have In Common With December? Hypnosis and December What similarity does hypnosis have with December?  Both come at the end of a specific event.  December, obviously, comes at the end of the year, although much of the world once started the year in what we now know as the month of March,…
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Great photos New Memories

Explore the New Year as a New You Great photos – new memories! Isn’t it time to create some new memories?  Are you setting your vision upon what you are going to accomplish, learn and explore this year?  January’s newsletter explores new possibilities and… Great new places to visit and explore Great new social website…
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Hypnosis and Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning, Super Moon and a Nutritional Detox Spring Cleaning Welcome!  So what does hypnosis have to do with Spring Cleaning?   You probably already know the answer to this question.  It’s always beneficial to do some Spring Cleaning within your mind.  Clean out those old, negative beliefs and behaviors that are sabotaging your efforts…
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