Hypnosis Stop Smoking Audio Programs

Hypnosis Stop Smoking Audio Programs for Success

Our Stop Smoking Hypnosis Audio Programs are available as both CDs or MP3 downloads.

Free yourself from the smoking habit and release those old desires!

Join the thousands of people from across the country who have quit smoking using hypnosis audio programs.  Imagine how proud you will feel when you kick that habit, regaining control of your life. Think about the money you will save and how you can use that for more important or fun activities.  You’ll easily pay for your Audio Program in just one month!

You decide whether you want to quit smoking after the first session or gradually reduce the amount you smoke. Each session is more powerful and effective than the last one, since the positive suggestion will compound your desire to be a non-smoker.

 Our Hypnosis Stop Smoking Audio Program for smokers:

This program consists of 3 Hypnosis CDs which has 6 Hypnosis Audio Sessions and 3 Awakening Support Audio Sessions.  If you choose the CD you will receive the 3 CDs and the bonus CDs.  If you choose to download the MP3,  you will receive the 6 Hypnosis Sessions and 3 Awakening Support Audio Sessions as well as the bonus audios.  This program is designed for those individuals who are highly motivated to quit. You have smoked less than 10 years and have easily quit before, but found something or someone led you back into smoking.  If so, this if the program for you.

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These are hypnosis CDs of actual sessions, thus profoundly more beneficial to your individual needs. Hypnosis CDs to quit smoking are extremely powerful.  You can use hypnosis to help you quit smoking and you don’t have to gain weight when you quit! The overall goal of all our programs is health, so we address all issues that help you remain a non-smoker.


You will find that as a non-smoker, healthy behaviors simply replace the old habit of smoking. You learn how to adjust to life as a non-smoker, taking into account your new behaviors and desires. With our program you adopt new behaviors and release old, limiting beliefs that kept you from achieving your goals.

The results of being a non-smoker are immediate. Within one day,the oxygen and carbon monoxide levels in your blood as well as your blood pressure returns to normal. Within one year your risk of heart attack is half that of a smoker, your energy returns, your lungs clear up and you feel normal once again as a non-smoker.

How do Stop Smoking by Hypnosis CDs help you to become and remain a nonsmoker?

Your hypnotherapy sessions are designed for at-home reinforcement.  Without reinforcement, positive suggestions can be overridden by old, negative behaviors.  The established negative belief system is strong and will, at first, resist new positive behaviors.  With reinforcement, however, the new behaviors become your new habits.

How often do you listen to your CDs?

Listen to the Awaken program each morning, as its only about 5 minutes in length.  Do your best to listen to the day hypnosis anytime during the day (never while driving!) and the sleep program as you drift off to sleep each evening.

What’s the experience like? 

Remember going to the movies?  You walk in, sit down, and begin to relax.  When the movie comes on, your brain waves naturally move down into the more imaginative Alpha state.  In this open and receptive state of mind you watch the movie.  You are essentially in a trance-like state, and from this trance-like state of mind you watch the movie.  If it’s good, you are absorbed into the movie.  Everything you hear and see on the screen you actually believe is happening, otherwise you’d never enjoy the movie.  Your analytical mind knows that everything on the screen is make-believe.  Those are actors and actresses up there playing parts!  None of it is real.  Yet in this state of mind you do believe it’s real, for that’s what the trance state is like.  It’s similar to reading a novel.  You suspend belief and picture in your mind what you read.

In short, hypnosis is a familiar, natural state of mind.

How long do I have to listen to them?

  • Everyone is unique! Without knowing your particular needs,habits, desire for change, focus,motivation and other important factors, it is impossible to precisely know how many sessions it will take for you to become successful.  We can, however, make some assumptions based upon past clients.
  • Become a non-smoker. Smoking cessation usually requires listening to the sessions just once, depending upon how long you have smoked and how deep your coping mechanism is.
  • Sometimes your subconscious mind will sabotage the program and we need to adjust the process to address this issue. You might encounter a resistance to becoming a non-smoker.  If so, keep listening to the sessions and the old desires will fade away at a rate that is unique for you.

Ask Yourself These Four Important Questions

1. How motivated are you to become a non-smoker?

2. What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams?

3. How will your life change when you become a non-smoker and reach your goals?

4. What will it take for you to use hypnosis to redirect your focus toward what it is you do want now?

Do You Realize You Can Pay For Your Entire Program Within Two Weeks After Quitting?

Seriously, the amount you save after two weeks can pay for your entire program!   Doesn’t really give you any reason to continue to smoke, does it?

So what’s stopping you?  Isn’t it worth quitting for both yourself and your loved ones?  Of course it is.

Our Stop Smoking by Hypnosis Audio Programs are a powerful ally in your desire to become and remain a non-smoker.  With programs costing as little as $35, becoming a non-smoker is a no-brainer.

So what are you waiting for?

In addition, you can choose to purchase a two hour initial session in person or by phone to help personalize your program.  During this initial session, we will discuss your particular needs so that we can create a hypnosis session unique for you.  We discuss this and more during the first hour and do the hypnosis session during the second hour.

This can all be done by phone, after which you will receive a copy of your personalized hypnosis session by email for immediate download or a physical CD of your session by mail.  This is a great way to combine hypnosis sessions with your hypnosis CD program.  Call or email us for more information.


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