Refund Policy


We offer a one year money back guarantee on all CDs and MP3 programs. Simply send the product back with all materials in good condition, no damage or scratches and we will refund the cost of your program.

Refund is issued in the same payment method used for purchase. Shipping costs or COD costs are not refunded. You may return a maximum of any two CD programs in a six month period.

While I wish that I could guarantee that you will follow the Hypnosis Session Program completed in our office, I unfortunately have no way of controlling your unique situation, motivation and family issues.  I do offer support by email and phone throughout and even beyond your program.

Look, I want you to be successful.  I guarantee that I will do everything that I can to help you achieve your goals.  Together we can help you move beyond old limitations.  Because of the time we spend together when completing each session, no refund is offered for individual sessions already completed.  Also, as outlined in the initial form “Thank you for choosing Greenwood Hypnosis” Hypnosis Programs are offered at a reduced session rate so no refund is offered for these programs.

Thank you for following these guidelines.