Hypnosis to Stop Biting Fingernails

Hypnosis to Stop Biting Fingernails and Have Healthy Nails Once Again

Quit biting your nails by using our “Hypnosis to End Biting Fingernails” Program to feel better

Do you…

    • Bite or pick at your fingernails?
    • Feel out of control?
    • Find that you do this habit without thinking?
    • Wish your nails looked healthy and shapely once again?

You no longer need to suffer 

Whatever the source of your anxieties that cause you to bite or pick at your nails, they don’t have to ruin your life.  As long as you desire to release this habit hypnosis to End Biting Fingernails helps you to achieve this goals.

Why People Come to a Hypnotherapist

There are many reasons that people come to a hypnotherapist.  Many people wish to resolve their habit of biting or picking at their fingernails.  This habit causes social embarrassment, frustration and even health issues.   Are you ready to let this habit go and feel better?

Whatever the issue, hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you release this habit and enjoy a better life.

Hypnosis is therapeutic because it creates a trance-like state of mind in which you are very suggestible.  We define trance as an altered state of awareness induced via hypnotism in which unconscious or dissociated responses to suggestion are enhanced in quality and increased in degree.

Hypnosis is also a focused state of heightened awareness.  In effect, biting your fingernails is a trance-like state of focused attention, even though it is at a subconscious level.  In this trance state negative behaviors become solidified and enhanced.  Hypnosis helps you overcome this trance state so that you once again regain your healthy nails.

Can it really work?

Since the nail biting habit is a trance-like state of the subconscious mind we need an equally powerful tool to access it.  Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you do this.

Hypnosis has many significant tools…

    1. Positive suggestions that improve your will power and self control
    1. Future visioning to develop a positive vision of the future
    1. Reframing past events into a more positive light so you can release them
    1. Overcoming old worries and concerns that sabotage your efforts to have healthy nails once again

Use hypnosis to resolve your habit

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that focuses your mind upon what you want. When you are in hypnosis your attention is focused upon naturally releasing stress in a more positive way.  As your subconscious mind fills with positive beliefs you naturally return to a healthy, positive frame of mind.

Hypnosis to end biting fingernails gives you the opportunity to feel good once again.

    • Help yourself to once again feel positive about your body
    • Help yourself to overcome this habit and have healthy looking nails once again
    • Help yourself feel relaxed and comfortable in all social situations
    • Help yourself to enjoy life and make new friends

Our Hypnosis Program is available in two ways…

1.  Hypnosis to End Biting Fingernails Sessions at our Bellevue office

Our three session Hypnosis to End Nail Biting Program is designed specifically to resolve your worries and concerns.  Each session is recorded onto a CD so they can reinforce these positive changes at home.  Approximately 75% of our work occurs during the session and 25% comes from reinforcement at home.  The positive suggestions anchor deeply within you as you naturally forget about biting your nails by forgetting to remember to do so.

As these new positive beliefs anchor into your subconscious mind you simply forget about the negative behavior and naturally become healthy once again.  Each session builds upon the last as you create a new way of being.

You also receive bonus CDs to support your program that includes a day use hypnosis program, a CD to listen to when you you awaken each morning and one that you can listen to in the car.


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2.  Hypnosis to End Biting Fingernails Audio Program as CDs or MP3s

All the sessions are also available as CDs or MP3s.  Using the Hypnosis to End Biting Fingernails Audio Program is a powerful tool to positively change Your life forever.

You receive the same bonus CDs as you would with the sessions.  Realize that the CDs and MP3 recordings are more generic by nature and won’t be as personalized as the sessions.  Also, listening to them at home requires a higher level of disciple and could be more challenging for you as the same self sabotage that holds you back could also sabotage your listening to the audio sessions.

Our 9 session, 3 CD Hypnosis to End Biting Fingernails Audio Program is available for purchase by clicking the button below.


Our 9 session Hypnosis Audio MP3 Sessions to End Biting Fingernails are available for purchase by clicking the button below.


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