Bellevue Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Learn what hypnosis for weight loss can do for you by watching this short video

Intrigued? Which of these sounds familiar…

  • “I’m tired of not fitting into my clothes…”
  • “I feel out of control…”
  • “I have tried every diet under the sun…
  • “I do well for awhile, then everything goes to hell…
  • “I seem to sabotage myself…”
  • "I lose weight, but then gain weight right back”.

Hypnotherapy vs. Traditional Therapy

Traditional therapy delves into your past and can take years to uncover every aspect of your issues.  Like peeling an onion, it focuses upon reliving events over and over again.  While it’s good to understand why you do something, spending time going over it again and again may not bring real transformation of your issue.  Hypnotherapy is a rapid therapy that focuses upon what to do next.  No need to devote years, even months to this process.  Instead, hypnotherapy is very much about self empowerment and changing your life in a positive way right now.

Read what Cam, Leslie, Scott and others have to say about using hypnosis for weight loss.  Visit our Testimonial page to learn more.

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss CD or mp3 Audios

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Each Weight Loss Hypnosis CD and mp3 audio helps you to lose the weight of the past

Hypnosis CD or Hypnosis mp3 audios are an important part of your hypnotherapy sessions. We record your weight loss sessions and then give you both a Hypnosis CD and Hypnosis mp3 audio for you to use at home for positive reinforcement.

You can even come in for your first session then complete the rest at home by phone.  We talk for the first 20 minutes then complete a hypnosis session while you relax at home or in your office.  We then immediately send you the mp3 version of your session.

Our program is designed to work on a deep level to help you recognize when self sabotage arises so that you can stay focused upon your goals.

Learn more about the benefits of hypnosis for weight loss by coming in for your free, achieve your healthy weight consultation

Free Hypnosis Consultation

With over eighteen years of hypnosis experience, I know that weight loss occurs when your subconscious mind has been retrained to agree with your conscious desire to be healthy

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Many hypnosis weight loss programs only offer you positive suggestions for weight loss,

but our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program in Bellevue is more advanced and

complete because it focuses upon:

1. Training your mind to think positively
2. Resolving your inner conflict
3. Helping your subconscious mind to change its behaviors
4. Using Tapping to Release Issues
4. Connecting with your inner parts
5. Focusing on releasing old behaviors
6. Embracing a positive future

Lap Band Hypnosis Technique

A new approach to weight loss using hypnosis is the lap band hypnosis technique.  Many clients find this approach beneficial.  Essentially, under hypnosis you imagine a lap band being put in place that naturally reduces your desire to eat larger portions of food.  It helps you to restrict your intake of food and helps you to eat and desire less.

As an additional bonus, you will also receive a specific plan to achieve your weight loss goals that includes:

1. How to keep yourself motivated and on track

2. How to overcome your critical inner voice

3. How to create positive distractions

4. How to record your daily efforts


Using hypnosis for weight loss is like being given a Magic Wand

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Will you use it to lose weight and…

  • allow yourself to feel more attractive?
  • feel more energetic?
  • fit into more flattering clothes?
  • buy a new wardrobe?
  • come alive and get excited about life?
  • improve your confidence and self esteem?
  • achieve your healthy weight and look great?
  • dress more professionally?
  • enjoy hearing what others say about the new you?
  • or will you just feel better about yourself?


Ask yourself these three important questions:

How motivated are you to lose that extra weight?
What’s keeping you from achieving this goal?
How will your life change when you lose the weight and achieve this dream?
Consider using our Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program and see what hypnosis can do for you

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