Hypnosis for Test Taking Anxiety

Hypnosis for Test Taking Anxiety Helps You, Your Teen or Your Child Pass That Test Without Stress

Hypnosis for test taking creates in you mind or that of your child or teen a confident, positive state of mind

Intrigued? Do you ever hear yourself, your teen or your child say…

  • “I  feel anxious during tests…”
  • “I just can’t control my mind when I take a test…”
  • “I just seem to blank out during tests…”
  • “I want to stop worrying about tests…”
  • “I feel like there’s something wrong with me…“
If you’ve ever heard yourself, your teen or your child express these words or something similar then you owe it to yourself to take the steps to remove that fear.  Our Hypnosis for Test Taking Program supports a positive, confident state of mind that promotes relaxation while taking tests.  When your mind is more relaxed and comfortable you simply do better.  It’s just a matter of letting the correct answer come and flow out of you and bring forth what has been studied. The mind no longer blocks or impedes your efforts.

Our Hypnosis for Test Taking Program is offered in two ways:

1.  Hypnosis Sessions for Successful Test Taking conducted in our Bellevue office

2. Hypnosis for Test Taking Audio CDs or MP3s

Listen to a short example of a session and what is also on the audio program.

Each CD contains three processes:
  1. Awake session – Listen as you awaken each day
  2. Day session – Listen anytime during the day
  3. Sleep session – Listen as you fall asleep at night

With over sixteen years of hypnosis experience, we realize that confidence during testing occurs when your subconscious mind is  focused on relaxation, optimism and success.

Many hypnosis programs only offer you positive suggestions for self confidence, but our program is more advanced and complete because it focuses upon:

1. Training you, your child or teen to think positively during testing
2. Resolving the inner conflict and release obstacles to success
3. Focusing on releasing old behaviors and self sabotage
5. Embracing a positive and successful future

As an additional bonus, we also offer a specific plan to help achieve goals that include:

1. How to stay motivated and focused upon successful goals
2. How to overcome that critical inner voice that expects failure
3. How to practice positive test taking
4. How to create a successful future

And for those needing that extra boost we also offer our special “Eliminate Self Sabotage” process.  

Using motivational hypnosis to pass the tests is like being given a Magic Wand.

You can use Hypnosis for Test Taking Program to …

  • improve focus and concentration during testing
  • increase self confidence and inner trust
  • bolster resolve and the ability to successfully pass the test
  • enjoy experiencing being at the absolute best during the test

Why not take the next step and either come in for a free  Hypnosis for Test Taking Program consultation  or order the Hypnosis for Test Taking Audio CDs or MP3s.  Learn how hypnosis creates positive study habits and improved test taking abilities in your subconscious mind.

When following the program and listening to the Hypnosis CDs…

  • You or they will benefit from Hypnosis.
  • You or they will become more Positive.
  • You or they will learn to Control Fear.

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