I promise to provide you with the very best hypnotherapy services that come from 

             over 20 years of experience

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David Greenwood

License #60519284

CH Certified Hypnotherapist

MA  Masters of Counseling Psychology

CPC Certified Professional Life Coach

MS  Masters of Science

I've Also Struggled In The Past…

Years ago, like you I also struggled with seemingly insurmountable issues of doubt, worry and concern. My bad habits seemed overpowering.  No matter what I did, nothing seemed to work. I found comfort in foods that weren't the best choice and lost my desire to exercise.  I also found myself becoming more depressed and isolated.  Just didn't have much energy to make a change.

I just couldn’t seem to get back on track. My own mind was flooded with negative thoughts and critical comments. Life itself seemed to be against me! A friend recommended that I use hypnosis and counseling to help me regain control of my life.

At first I was skeptical. I didn’t even know what hypnosis was, leastwise how it could help me with all my problems.  But I gave it a try.  What did I have to lose?  After just a few sessions, things slowly began to change. It was as if subtle changes were occurring.  Nothing changed outwardly.  Same old job, friends, living situation.  But inwardly I just felt better.  More calm, and miraculously, more optimistic.  Those powerful negative feelings began to dissolve and were replaced with positive beliefs and behaviors. After going through the program my optimism returned and I got back on track.

I continued to use self hypnosis and listen to my sessions for reinforcement.  It didn't happen overnight but it did happen.  Soon things did begin to change.  I was so happy with the results that I decided to become a hypnotherapist and do personal growth work.  I had learned first-hand how powerful yet easy hypnosis was and wanted to share it with others.

I started out as a Personal Growth Facilitator, then became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Next I studied and earned my Life Coaching Certificate. Later I completed my MA in Counseling Psychology and interned for two years as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern.

Now I integrate my counseling, hypnosis, personal growth and life coaching experience into an effective hypnosis program designed for you.


Come in for your free eliminate self sabotage consultation to learn how your resistive subconscious mind has been holding you back, and discover a path towards a happier, more positive future.

Free Hypnosis Consultation

Why would you want to use me as you Hypnotherapist

Hello, my name is David Greenwood and for the last 20 years I have helped thousands of people using counseling, clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching to overcome old habits so that they could live a better life.  I combine my studies where I earned Masters Degrees in Counseling Psychology and Science with my Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching to provide you with the most professional, integrated personal and business services in the Bellevue and Seattle region.

I create hypnosis programs designed specifically for you.  When we devise your program I will tell you how many sessions that I think it will take for you to be successful. All sessions are done with me as there are no group sessions.  You also have access to me to answer questions or for moral support throughout your program.  Why not give it a try?


Why I Love Using Hypnotherapy

Occasionally clients come in with a fear that I am going to do something to them or make them do something they don’t want to do. They say that they are afraid that I will put them into some sort of a trance.  I smile and reply that it’s really the opposite – what I do is help you wake up from the trance states you already are in.  My goal is to help you awaken from those states of mind that hold you back and sabotage your efforts to bring out your authentic self.  My focus for every session is to help you move up to a more empowered, positive and successful state of consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if you are coming in for:

  •     weight loss
  •     stop smoking
  •     phobias
  •     sports
  •     fears
  •     anxiety

        or whatever...

In reality what we focus on is improving your self confidence and self esteem.  From this more complete and more positive state of mind everything in your life works out better.  Of course we also concentrate upon your specific issues, but symptom relief is only a part of our successful program.  When you look and feel great you exude confidence and self worth. And what we focus on is how to remove the self sabotage that holds you back, that keeps you from being your authentic self.  I love helping you discover the real you beneath your issues; by bringing out the very best of who you are.  I don’t make you into anyone, I simply help you to find the person you already are within.

Many believe that hypnosis is just a last resort to end the habit of smoking, lose weight or resolve phobias.  The truth is that hypnosis is a dynamic, healthy process that embraces emotional, physical and mental health. Many professional websites discuss the benefits of hypnosis and support using it for a variety of issues. There are many aspects of hypnotherapy.  It is a multifaceted tool for growth and fulfillment. Hypnotherapy is a client-centered approach that focuses on releasing old habits and creating new, positive thoughts and behaviors.


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