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Do You Feel Powerless Against Bad Habits and Fears?

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Ready to Use Hypnotherapy to Transform your Life Now?

Schedule Your Zero Cost, Eliminate Self-Sabotage Consultation Session

In this 30 minute session you will leave with:

  • A plan that Identifies key strategic, milestone objectives
  • A view of the hidden forces that sabotage your efforts to change
  • A renewed sense of optimism and determination to take control of your life


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   Please watch this one minute video to  learn more about hypnosis.

We guarantee our Programs!

1. We create a program based upon your issues and goals

2. All sessions are individual and conducted by a licensed, certified Hypnotherapist with an MA in Counseling Psychology and 20 years of experience

3. We guide you every step of the way with phone and email support

4. If you need more sessions to achieve your goals, the rest of the sessions are free.  

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Weight Loss

David's program has been exceptional for me.    His system has helped me address core beliefs about self respect and self worth that I have struggled with throughout my life.  I lost 25 lbs and have drastically changed my lifestyle and I am pretty confident that the subconscious changes I have made are due to Davids program. More...


Hi David,  Thank you so much for all that you have guided me to do over the last ten months. I am more peaceful, thankful, satisfied, joy filled and happier than I have ever been in my life. I am so excited about the future yet fully living in the present and completely disconnected from the hurts of my past. More...


Stop Smoking

Hi David,  Vicky has not smoked a single cigarette since the day she left your office.  After 43 years of non-stop smoking I would say it's nothing short of a miracle.  Thank you for helping Vicky with this and you should know how much it's improved our lives.  It was one of the best things that's happened to us in 30 years. Great work sir!!!