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Are You Struggling with Doubt, Low Energy and Fears?

Do You Feel Powerless Against Bad Habits and Anxiety?

At Greenwood Hypnotherapy, We Offer a Zero Cost, Eliminate Self-Sabotage Consultation Session to Learn of Hypnosis

In this 30 minute session you will leave with a:

  • Plan that Identifies key strategic, milestone objectives
  • View of the hidden forces that sabotage your efforts to change
  • Renewed sense of optimism and determination to take control 
  • Sense of how hypnosis helps to positively change your life
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Ready to Explore the Benefits of Hypnotherapy? 

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David Greenwood 
Greenwood Hypnotherapy

License #HP60519284

CH  Clinical Hypnotherapist

MA  Counseling Psychology

CPC Certified Professional Coach

MS  Science

Experience how Bellevue hypnosis programs help you find happiness, peace and fulfillment

Please watch this one minute video to learn more about hypnosis.

 Hypnosis Programs

1. We create a program based upon your issues and goals

2. All sessions are individual and conducted by a licensed, certified Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience, an MA in Counseling Psychology and certified Professional Coach

3. Programs typically run from 3-10 sessions

4. We guide your hypnotherapy program every step of the way with phone and email support

5. Our main focus is to help you achieve your goals

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Hi David,

I hope this email finds you feeling blessed and thankful.

Thank you so much for all that you have guided me to do over the last ten months. I am more peaceful, thankful, satisfied, joy filled and happy than I have ever been in my life. I am so excited about the future yet fully living in the present and completely disconnected from the hurts of my past. I thank you for the way you have chosen to live your life and the choice to help others live a life worth living and giving. I know for a fact in my life and I am sure many others that you have made a positive difference for many generations to come and helped me change the outcome and Destiny of my entire life.  More here...*

Thanks again,  Bob Erickson,   Sacramento, CA

Why Would You Consider Using Hypnotherapy?

What brings you to this page? 

Are you interested in learning how our Bellevue area hypnosis programs can help you?]

Are you curious about what hypnosis is?  Or maybe you have heard about someone using hypnosis to lose weight, stop smoking or whatever and wanted to find out more about it?  Or maybe you are willing to give it a try and just want to learn more about the type of hypnosis that I use?

Whatever your reasons, I will tell you that the first thing we talk about is what hypnosis isn't.  That's because there are so many misconceptions about hypnosis that it is important to discuss this so that you feel comfortable with the process.

Occasionally clients come in with a fear that I am going to do something to them or make them do something they don’t want to do. They say that they are afraid that I will put them into some sort of a permanent hypnotic trance.  I smile and reply that it’s really the opposite – what I do is help you wake up from the negative trance states you already are in. 

My goal is to help you awaken from those states of mind that hold you back and sabotage your efforts to bring out your authentic self. These trance states are created by your subconscious mind to keep you in line and following its directives.  It actively reinforces what it feels you deserve, following the core beliefs that were established in the early years of your life.  

My focus for every hypnotherapy session is to help you discover your true, authentic self, allowing your subconscious to accept positive beliefs about yourself and your abilities.  And the good news is that you already have within you this healthy, empowered, joyous "You".  What I do is help you to recapture that part of you.  I want you to realize a more empowered, positive and successful state of consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if you are coming in for:

  •     weight loss
  •     stop smoking
  •     phobias
  •     sports
  •     fears
  •     anxieties

        or whatever...

In reality what we focus on is improving your self confidence and self esteem with hypnosis and personal growth tools.  From this more complete and positive state of mind everything in your life works out better.  Of course we also concentrate upon your specific issues, but symptom relief is only a part of our successful hypnotherapy programs.  When you look and feel great you exude confidence and self worth. And what we focus on is how to remove the self sabotage that holds you back, that keeps you from being your authentic self.  I love helping you discover the real you beneath your issues; by bringing out the very best of who you are.  I don’t make you into anyone, I simply use hypnosis and other tools to help you to find the person you already are within.  Think of it as discovering your true, authentic self.

Many believe that hypnosis is just a last resort to end the habit of smoking, lose weight or resolve phobias.  The truth is that hypnosis is a dynamic, healthy process that embraces emotional, physical and mental health. Many professional websites discuss the benefits of hypnosis and support using it for a variety of issues. There are many aspects of hypnotherapy.  It is a multifaceted tool for growth and fulfillment. Hypnotherapy is a client-centered approach that focuses on releasing old habits and creating new, positive thoughts and behaviors.

In truth hypnotherapy is a positive and natural approach that has multiple uses and techniques.  What is important is that your hopes, dreams and goals can be realized in ways you have always wanted.  For in truth it is about you using your mind to your greatest abilities. It is about moving beyond the limits of your habits and fears.  About embracing a life of inner peace and joy.  Of being your best. 

Allow me to help you discover your authentic self.  To guide you beyond the control of your subconscious programming that actively holds you back and treats you like a child.  That uses habits and old fears to keep you from becoming the person you really are, the real you.  When you are ready to take that journey, I would be honored to walk it with you.

Your first step in this journey is to come in for your free half hour consultation.  When you are ready you can do that by selecting the link below.  See you soon!

We also offer more extended programs that focus upon deeper Emotional and Spiritual Transformation at


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"The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. Your success depends upon many factors.  All testimonials are offered as individual experiences which may or may not be the results you achieve.  Please come in for a free consultation so that you can learn more about how hypnosis can help you to achieve your goals."